Announcement Tall Ships Races 2023

The organization Tall Ships Races International Ltd., part of the Sail Training International (STI) organization, will officially announce four of the five ports of the Tall Ships Races 2023 on 11 May. The races will be held in Northwest Europe in 2023. It was already known that Den Helder will be the starting port in 2023 for these annually recurring races. The next host ports in 2023 are Hartlepool (United Kingdom), Fredrikstad (Norway) and Lerwick (in the Shetlands Islands of the United Kingdom). Finally, the STI is still looking for a fifth and last port in Northwest Europe to close the races.

The Sail Den Helder Foundation is pleased with the clarity now provided by the STI for the sailing program in 2023. It looks forward to a good cooperation with these ports in order to be able to shape the entire program of the races. Announcement of the program is also of great importance to the fleet of large sailing ships, which is in great need of perspective at this time. This perspective is also very important for supporting organizations.

Sail Den Helder 2023 and STI both have the main objective of actively involving young people in the age group of 15 to 25 years in this grand sailing event, on board the sailing ships or in the organization of Sail Den Helder 2023  ashore. For example, the Sail Den Helder Foundation encourages young people to join these large ships as trainees. Sailing as a trainee offers a unique life experience to work together in a close team on board in an international setting. The Sail Den Helder Foundation has the Windseeker organization as its partner. Every year, also this year despite the restrictions by Corona, young people can register as a trainee via Windseeker for various programs. For options, see the website with the link to Windseeker.

Sail Den Helder 2023 will take place from June 29 to July 2, 2023, in parallel and in coordination with the Navy Days at the Royal Netherlands Navy, in the Noordkop of North Holland. The municipalities of Den Helder, Hollands Kroon and Texel are supporting this major event in Den Helder and with pre-programs in the other ports of these three municipalities. Anyone who cares about Sail Den Helder 2023 or wants to take up the challenge of helping organize such a mega event, can register as a volunteer via the website.