Sail Den Helder 2023 is on!

5 March 2021 

Den Helder as host port 

The board of the Sail Den Helder Foundation is very pleased to announce, also on behalf of the participating municipalities of Den Helder, Texel and Hollands Kroon, that the Sail Training International (STI) organisation has chosen Den Helder as the host port for the Tall Ships Race in 2023. Sail Den Helder 2023 will take place from 29 June to 2 July 2023 in Den Helder and, as before, will be organised simultaneously with the Navy Days and in close cooperation with the Commander of the Royal Netherlands Navy. We are living in uncertain times due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As a consequence, SAIL Amsterdam 2020 and DelfSail 2021 had to be cancelled; a huge disappointment for the public, the sponsors, the organising committees and the maritime world in the Netherlands. It is therefore fantastic to know that in 2023 we will be able to raise the sails again. 

In 2023, the Tall Ships Race will start in Den Helder. The vessels will sail through the North Sea and adjacent waters, via four more ports that will be announced later. The STI Chief Executive Officer, Gwyn Brown, welcomes Den Helder on behalf of the STI: “There is no doubt that Den Helder will provide a warm welcome to the tall ships and the young trainees on board and will help to further promote our values of international friendship, mutual understanding and the development of young people.” The board of the Sail Den Helder Foundation can now go ahead with the preparations for this wonderful maritime event in the Noordkop, and does so with much enthusiasm. Sail Den Helder 2023, in combination with the pre-Sails on Texel and in Hollands Kroon, as well as the Navy Days, will be a terrific maritime event. Not only for the residents of the Noordkop but also for visitors from far beyond. The combination with the Navy Days makes Sail Den Helder 2023 unique compared to other Sail events. Sail Den Helder 2023 also provides a platform. Energy transition, innovative maritime technology and protection of the maritime environment will be the underlying themes Sail, together with the Royal Netherlands Navy, will provide a platform for; a great opportunity for participating companies, institutions and government organisations. A top maritime event is of tremendous value, both for the tip of North Holland (the ‘Noordkop’ region) and for Holland above Amsterdam. The economic impact of Sail for the business community, tourism and restaurants and hotels in the region will again amount to many millions of euros. 
The mission of STI is specifically geared to young people between the ages of 15 and 25. Young people from different backgrounds, and especially disabled young people, are offered an unforgettable experience by giving them the opportunity to sail aboard the sailing ships, which is a great opportunity for them to develop themselves in a unique environment, together with young people from other countries. Sail Den Helder 2023 actively supports this mission by motivating and supporting young people from the wider region to become a crew member on one of the sailing ships for a shorter or longer period of time. In addition, Sail Den Helder 2023 will work closely with schools and training centres in the region to involve young people in the organisation and running of Sail Den Helder 2023 as part of school assignments or work placements. 

On the website everyone can follow the progress of the preparations for Sail Den Helder 2023. Through the website, people can get in touch with the organisation for questions about work placements, opportunities for young people and organisations, sponsorship programs, potential packages or to sign up as a volunteer. Faced with the challenges and uncertainties stemming from the Corona crisis, we are, as the British say, “indeed navigating through uncharted waters.” Nevertheless, the Board of the SAIL Den Helder Foundation is convinced that Sail Den Helder 2023 will, also in the new reality, be a fantastic and grand maritime event.