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Project group crew program - concept

Project Team Crew Program SAIL Den Helder 2017

Education : 3rd years students Hogeschool Inholland Minor Concepting & Events, 20 weeks

Students : Dominic Hirl, Martin Haimerl, Marit Groeneveld, Nado Gangemi and Maurice Bos

The international project team is very enthusiastic to work for SAIL Den Helder while study at Inholland. We study Leisure management and have the great opportunity to work together with SAIL Den Helder. We have been asked to help making a challenging Crew Program for the crew members of the Tall Ships. Our ages difference from 20 to 25 years. Our members from the project group - Dominic, Martin, Marit, Nado and Maurice - are from 2 different countries. Dominic and Martin are from Germany and study in Austria. Marit, Nado and Maurice are from The Netherlands.


The project group has chosen this assignment because it gives the possibility to combine sports and culture. Also it is very interesting to connect the international crew members and unite them all together in a historical place like Den Helder.


‘’It is a big chance for us to get more experience in creating events. This is a great step towards becoming a Leisure professional.’’


With this assignment these young students can get to know a lot of people which can help them towards a good career. During this assignment they would like to develop their skills in organizing events. For example the creative part where they have a lot of brainstorms with different stakeholders.‘’During the process we would like to attract other young people from the surroundings of Den Helder, so we can develop our talents and we can bring the best program for the crewmembers’’. 


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